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Napoleon Dwarf Cat
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The Napoleon Dwarf Cat, like other genuine dwarf cats are a cross between the
(the founding dwarf breed) and a cat from the Persian Breed (group of Persian, Himalayan and Exotic
Shorthairs. The Munchkin, itself, can be either long or short haired so there is a large spread of coat colors combined with either short or long hair.  The Napoleon is a very new breed and is still being developed. This can take many years and it could be said that it can go on indefinitely. Provided this
is a pure out-crossing half the litter will be born with the dwarf gene, the remainder are long legged non-standard Napoleons. 
Naturally, they are very cute cats. Breeders say that the Napoleon dwarf cat's temperament is a nice combination of the sweet, laid-back Persian’s temperament and the loving and sociable Munchkin’s demeanor.  A natural question is how does the short legs affect mobility etc. The answer would be that cats are wonderfully
athletic animals so the Napoleons are  pretty athletic too. The ideal dwarf Napoleon is a strong cat. She has good boning and musculature.  The usual rules regarding combing and the coat apply particularly if she is the long haired variety.  The dwarf gene produces short legs in 50% of offsprings.
Dwarf cats
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Dwarf cats are
domestic cat breeds which have the condition of dwarfism due to a genetic mutation .
Munchkin is the founding breed of dwarf cat. Through outcrossing the Munchkin with a variety of normally proportioned cats a substantial number of dwarf breeds have been developed. The major dwarf breeds are described on the Dwarf Cat Association.
The development of dwarf cats is at a fairly early stage (since the mid 1980s).

"Every life should have nine cats."

"One must love a cat on its own terms."                          
Paul Gray

A New breed of DWARF cats with SHORT legs
            What to say about them? If you are like me - you  love cats but you do NOT want them on your table or kitchen counter, than Minuets are your kittens. They make a wonderful pets, they are still very rare (specially our 4th and 5th generation Minuets ) and everyone is amazed seeing them at the first time. Your guests will be speaking about them, they will admire them and you will be the first one among your friends who has a little Minuet!  And this cat will adore you!

MINUETS (Napoleons) are a relatively new breed - the cross breed between Persian and Munchkin.
By The International Cats Association - TICA, where our cats are registered, the name of the breed was changed from NAPOLEON to MINUET.
This new breed is still being developed.  (
Look at The WIKIPEDIA DESCRIPTION on the bottom of this page!)
Half of MINUET kittens in the liter is born STANDARD - very short legs and half is NONSTANDARD - regular legs.

            At this time Napoleons/ Minuets are still allowed to be crossed with all Persian section - doll face Persians, Himalayans and Exotics - short hair Persians. In our cattery we used to breed only Silver and Golden  Persian in the past. They are the smallest Persian division. When you cross this Persian to the smallest Munchkin you can find, you get a very small first generation Napoleon/Minuet. Than  you cross it again to a small doll face Persian. This  is called GRADING UP. The long Minuet nose starts already changing shape. The fur is changing and the personality too. We use now already the fourth generation Minuets and small Persian cats, so our small dwarf Napoleon/Minuet kittens appearance is much closer to Persians than to Munchkins, but they are small. They are healthy, beautiful, playful and their coat is medium length and very silky so that they do not need daily grooming as Persians do.  In fact this is one of our goals - to change that difficult cotton-like undercoat of Persians, which needs daily grooming, to a silk-like fur of medium length of Minuets, which does not mat. And we are successful.  Our new kittens can manage their coat with only minimal help.
             They have beautiful, big, expressive eyes with a strong mascara, extremely loving personality, they are very sociable and in spite of their tiny short legs, they will always find the way to your lap. They are as gentle as Persians but they are much more fun. Most of them are not a jumper, kitchen counter or table are too high for them, but they are excellent climbers.

          CROSSBREEDING of Munchkins and Persians makes these kittens much healthier and more vigorous than Persians.
We do not use Munchkin breeders in our cattery any more. We are breeding away from that street cat look. We breed Persians with Minuets/Napoleons - since we strive for that sweet doll face. And we are slowly starting TRUE BREEDING too - Minuet to Minuet. Only 50% of the kittens are born with short legs. The other 50% have regular size legs, but they are also very small.
         Our goal is to breed Minuets/Napoleons which will look quite different than Munchkins do. We are breeding for more round eyes with a beautiful eye liner, smaller ears, round head and shorter nose. But we do not want  "an extreme face". Our Minuets/Napoleons should have that sweet look of baby doll face.  Most of them are much more petite than Persian cats.

         We use the UC Davis Labs and have the genotypes of our breeders examined. This way we know exactly what the cat “carries”, we have information about those “invisible genes” and it makes the selection of mating and breeding much easier. This way our work is not based upon plain GUESSING,  JUDGING or TRYING the animal, as it used to be in the past. We often KNOW what kind of kittens we may get from certain mating.

          Because our MINUET/NAPOLEON PROGRAM seems to be successful, we are expanded it now. Our beautiful, cute and loving dwarf Minuet kittens will be available not only in bicolor, calico, and diluted colors, but also Silver and Golden coat colors and finally - chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, chocolate points and chocolate & white bicolor. Our goal is to keep our kittens sweet, loving and people oriented disposition, to breed even more toward a doll shape faces and to keep a beautiful eye liner. Like with the Munchkin -50% of born kittens have short legs and they are
STANDARD. The other 50% have the regular size legs and those are NONSTANDARD.

If you have any doubts about those short legs, ask our AMADEUS.  He would say : "I can jump  just like big cats,  I can climb much better and look  -  I can still cross those little legs - let me try again..."
ABOVE and BELLOW are the pictures of our own breeding cats as babies. They all come from our Minuet Kitten Cattery.
Since the picture is worse 1,000 words, you can look at those short legs below. In our GALLERY pages you can see a pictures of our past kittens - both STANDARD and NONSTANDARD.
STANDARD kitten is not only short,  but usually also smaller than a NONSTANDARD kitten.
Most our STANDARD and NONSTANDARD Minuets are very small as adult - 4 lbs to 7 lbs.        
(Regular PERSIANS are 12-18 lbs.)